Cloth Diapers Wholesale

SAVE or Make some extra $$$ - Giggle Life Wholesale Opportunity

Take advantage of our wholesale pricing that we have made available to the public. So, get your orders together with your friends, family, moms group or pick some up for resale.

Giggle Life Suede - Solid Colors $6
Giggle Life Optimize - Solid Colors $7, and Patterns $7.50 each 
Giggle Life Trainers - Solid Colors $8 each 
Giggle Life Bamboo 2.0 - Solid Colors $10, and Patters $10.75 each 

To qualify for wholesale pricing a minimum of a 100 diapers total is required. Wholesale pricing cannot be combined with any sale or promotion. Pricing includes free shipping and you can mix and match between types, colors and pattern to get to your hundred diapers. Free shipping is only available for one shipping address. 

To place your orders please email us at or call us toll free at 1-877-883-3069