How many diapers do I need?
Newborns tend to go through 7 to 9 diapers a day. We recommend at least a 24 pack, so you do not have to do a wash every day. Keep in mind, less washings adds to the longevity of your diapers. 

Is a separate diaper cover necessary?
No, you do not need a diaper cover. The outer layer of Giggle Life diapers is highly waterproof and acts just a like a diaper cover. THIS WILL SAVE YOU MONEY BECAUSE NO COVER IS NEEDED! 

Where are the diapers made?
The diapers are made in China with care and high quality materials. The workers have a safe work environment and are paid a fair wage. We understand there are quality concerns with products from China, which is why we sourced multiple manufactures during our trial phase and committed to the best and a respectable manufacture. We stand by our products and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We accept returns of all unused diapers and should you receive a defective item we will gladly fix or replace it for you. Don’t be misled by our low prices. We offer top quality products and great customer service. Give our diapers a chance and you won’t regret it! 

Why are your diapers so much cheaper than those in retail stores?
The main reason is we deal in volume and sell direct to our consumers without any middle man involved. Our diapers are comparable to those you find in retail stores that sell for $20-30 each but our diapers do not go through 3 or 4 sets of hands before they reach you. 

Who is Long Life and what is your association them?
They are our sister company that deals with cloth diapers for youth and adults. 

Why does the charge on my credit card say 2261255 Ontario Inc?
We share a payment system with our multiple businesses to keep our cost down and that is our registered number Ontario number corporation. 

What is the difference between the diapers?
Though all diapers are amazing and will take care of your diaper needs from birth to potty trained, the Giggle Life Bamboo Cloth Diapers has added benefits. The Giggle Life Suede Cloth Diaper has a suede inner and comes with two 3 layer microfiber inserts. The Giggle Life Optimize Cloth Diaper has a fleece inner and comes with a 4 layer mixed insert (2 layers bamboo and 2 layers microfiber). The Giggle Life Bamboo Cloth Diaper has a bamboo inner and comes with two 3 layer bamboo inserts. The main benefit of the Bamboo diapers are they are less bulky, while being just as absorbent. The reason for this is the bamboo fibers are a more dense material. The natural bamboo fibers are also more bacteria resistant. They all have 2 row of hip snaps to produce a snugger fit around the legs. All the diapers are breathable, which eliminates diaper rash that can be caused by disposable diapers. 

We definitely recommend the Bamboo diapers if it is within your budget as it is a more luxurious diaper . Our goal is simple: To convert as many disposable diaper using families to cloth as possible to help you save money and the environment, while eliminating diaper rashes.